16 Endearing Personality Traits in Men That Women Adore

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 Although science has continually tried to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes one person fall in love with another, there is no exact rhyme, reason, or magic trait. There are, however, some commonalities about what the genders find attractive in a mate. Cute is something light and fun that can spark interest, and without it, two people will likely not connect. These are some of the common personality traits that women love in men.

Sense of Humor

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Life, for the most part, is way too serious. A relationship thrives if it is a way to escape stressors and find comfort. When a man can make a woman laugh, it lightens her load. Laughter is truly the best medicine, not just for the soul but also for a relationship. If you want to attract a woman, put your funny face on and make her smile. 


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At the heart of what we all want rests respect. When you respect someone, it means that you care about how they feel and value them as a human being. A man who does the little things as a show of respect, like opening doors, pulling out a chair, and walking behind instead of in front of a woman, is highly attractive. Gone are the days when women were objects and fragile, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t like a man to show respect and concern for them through chivalrous acts. 


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This might be true for both sexes, but women are attracted to the competitive nature and spirit that many men possess. Women want a guy who is motivated and willing to put in the work to beat the competition and get ahead. Being on the couch playing video games is not very inspiring to watch, so get out there. You don’t have to win a marathon, but finding something you are good at and becoming the best is excellent for your self-esteem and her adoration of you.


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One of the most irritating traits most women complain of is mansplaining. Some men have big egos and can't step off of them. A guy who is humble and can put his ego aside is very attractive to a woman. A woman wants a mate who considers her his equal and respects her intelligence and savvy. It is their silent support that a woman wants, not their constant opinion.

Kind to All

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There is something to be said about someone who is not only nice to his friends and family but also to everyone around. Being appreciative of people across the board by saying thank you to waitstaff, bellhops, and valet people are all things that make a man attractive. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than someone who behaves entitled or doesn’t show appreciation for what others do, regardless of how insignificant they appear. 

Well Read

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There is a misnomer that people who are too intelligent are somehow “geeky” or “nerds,” but what science actually tells us is that women like intelligent and well-read men. Partners thrive when they learn from one another. They want their mates to add value to their lives, which means having deep conversations about things that matter.

Willing to Sacrifice 

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Every relationship has to have a little give and take for it to take hold. Women know that most men don’t sit around with anticipation about Sex in the City being new on Netflix, but they certainly love a man who will sit and be giddy just to watch along. Someone willing to forfeit both their time and the remote to sit and watch something that isn’t really their favorite show but cares enough to show interest in something that a woman is interested in rocks. 

And How Are You?

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People want to feel validated and as if they matter. It is really great to hear how beautiful you are and how great you look in a dress, but it is just as lovely to be recognized for what is going on inside your head. When a man asks about how you are, how your day was, and about your dreams, you know that they are investing in both caring for and getting to know everything about you. Digging deeper to know what really makes a woman tick because he cares is something that a woman can fall in love over. 

Being Able to Hang

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Let’s be real, hanging with a group of women is not always a guy’s cup of tea. When a man puts time into meeting a woman’s friends and the energy into really getting to know them by being interested and spending time, that is very lovable. Friends have a big influence on relationships because they either provide support for them to last or they can cause a lot of friction to try to get them to end. Men would be wise to understand that if you date a girl, you date her friends, period.


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In most relationships, there comes a point where you meet the parents. Finding a connection in a relationship means connecting to someone's entire support system. A guy who wants to bring a woman to family gatherings, include them in family celebrations, and generally wants them to be a part of every aspect of their life shows that he cares about her. It also shows that he is opening not just his heart but his home and family because he wants to make it last. 


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Women like thoughtful men. They want to know that a man is thinking of them throughout the day. When they receive little messages, surprise gifts, or general compliments, that lets them know that they are on their mind. No matter how long you are together, if you never stop dating and doing the things that show appreciation and love, a woman will love you forever. A man who never rests on past deeds is a good man to have.

Forgoing Guys Night

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It is necessary and good in a relationship when you have lives outside of one another. Just because two people are together, that does not mean that they should forego their outside relationships with friends and family. Although it is a good thing for a man to have his time alone and with friends, when they choose their woman over a guy's night, that is something that is appreciated. Giving up time with the guys tells a woman that she is a number one priority, which is what we all want to be in a relationship. 

Good With Kids

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A man who has a soft spot for children is incredibly lovable. Most women want to eventually have children, and knowing that a man not only is on board but will be a participating father is very important. Men who show kindness to kids and take an interest aren’t always the norm. When women see that kind of thoughtfulness, they also see empathy and emotional intelligence. When a woman sees a man invested in a child, it sets off hormone concentrations that make him more attractive. Most importantly, they see that a man will love and care for their children if it gets to that point, which is one of the most lovable traits there are.

Willingness to Step In

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Whether a stereotype or not, many men only do the barebones household chores, and only when they have to. A man who vacuums, does laundry, and can cook is a unicorn! Women don’t mind picking up socks and helping out with the household chores, but when a man steps in not just to help but to give her a break, that is about the sexiest thing imaginable.

Emotional Depth

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Most men tend to avoid emotional situations and subjects. Due to toxic masculinity, some men see showing emotion as a sign of weakness and will usually hide or suppress their feelings. When a man can get mushy and deep, that is highly lovable. It takes courage and vulnerability to put yourself out there and show what goes on inside. When a man does that and opens up for a woman, it creates the kind of intimacy that makes love last. 

Although every woman has a different type and is looking for preferential things, some common traits tend to be appreciated and loved. Being vulnerable, showing respect, and digging deep to know more about a woman will almost always come back to you. In the end, we all desire a deep connection and the support of that one special human who is always thinking about you as much as you are them. 

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